Monday, January 30, 2006

USC: 1/29/2006

Stanford 78, USC 67

Brooke was doubled and tripled all day long,
but still came through with 14 points and 7 rebounds


New was tough on the boards, finished
with 7 rebounds and 8 points.

Candice provided emotional leadership,
had a game high 18 points.

Roz started slow, then came on strong in the
second half to help turn the game around--

14 points overall, 9 of them in the last 7 minutes.

Jill was HUGE! She was a defensive demon,
and finished with 8 rebounds and 15 points.

After 33 minutes of nailbiting, the bench and the fans
come alive.....

Heading home, a full 2 games ahead of the Pac.