Friday, February 03, 2006

OREGON: 2/2/2006

Stanford 79, Oregon 58

So many stars, so many photos.......

Before the game, Karen Middleton said
it would be
"all about defense."

It was.

Jill played in-your-face defense.

When Oregon's Brandi Davis started hitting 3's,
Cissy came off the bench to drive her crazy.

Clare played defense with her usual intensity.

They grabbed us, so we grabbed them back
--New York style.

New fought hard for 6 rebounds in 17 minutes.

Of course, there was a little offense on hand as well.......

Brooke hooked, and hooked, and hooked, and hooked
-- for a game high 19 points to go with 7 rebounds.

Candice had an unassuming game
(for her): 15 points, 8 rebounds.

Ezi was a scoring machine: 8 points and
5 rebounds
in just 12 minutes.

Rapp and Roz each connected for three 3's,
to the dismay of the Oregon bench.

EVERYONE worked hard.

Definitely something to cheer about!

At the post game session with the Fast Break Club,
Tara and Mary Murphy broke in their new comedy act.......